Sustainable Agriculture and Local Artisans

At Create Catering & The Dining Studio we are so committed to sustainable agriculture and local artisans that we bought a 35 acre organic farm in Wadena, MN and named it “Gemini Farm”. We have a diverse landscape with pines, meadow, lowland, pasture and hardwoods.

We plant between one and two acres per growing season of dynamite vegetables. We use much of our farm bounty in our catering and Dining Studio events allowing us to provide a truly unique experience. The produce we do not use for our events is sold to local independent restaurants and chefs.

A Little History...

Our farm was abandoned for about 25 years and we have begun the slow process of rehabilitation. Our yellow farm house was actually a log house built in 1867 and was added onto over the generations. The log portion of the house is in great shape and very beautiful, the rest of the house-not so much.

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Wadena Gothic

Even though farm work is tough, dirty and generally draining, our farm is truly our haven and escape from the city. There is no better way to relax than hopping on the 1942 Farmall “H” and pulling stumps or spreading compost.

If we have not grown it or raised it we rely on relationships forged over the last 15 years to procure local, sustainable food for our clients.