Create Cocktail & Bar Services

Create Craft Cocktails is the Beverage side of Create Catering and The Dining Studio. We approach our cocktails with the same care and attention to detail that we do with our food and service. Every cocktail uses fresh, seasonal and inspiring ingredients to ensure the best flavors for your specific tastes and needs. We use fresh squeezed juices, house syrups and premium spirits to create a menu of over 15 classic cocktails. All drinks are made by hand in front of the guests – or we can batch cocktails for large parties and events.

Create's Bar & Cocktail Program offers two comprehensive bar packages to accommodate your events unique needs. Our Standard Full Bar Package features a carefully selected collection of liquor and spirits to skillfully allow the creation of a multitude of cocktail classics. The Premium Bar adds several premium top-shelf brands of vodka, whisky, scotch, gin and unique liqueurs. Additional classic or craft cocktails may be added to any event.

We hand select wines, craft beers and spirits for each and every client. Whether you are looking for a boutique Napa Valley Cabernet or a signature cocktail with egg whites and bourbon, we will be happy to accommodate. Our knowledgeable bartenders will be able to explain the origin of the cocktails as well as how it has evolved over the years, pour the perfect glass of wine, and serve your guest with true professionalism.