The Queen is Dead! Long Live the Queen!

Until next time... We had a fabulously successful string of Sunday Suppers over the past eight months. We will resume in January 2020.

Tickets Available for sale on Eventbrite — December/January 2019

We offer 46 Dining Room and 12 VIP seats in our Dining Studio (private restaurant) to our favorite people (you!). Philip, Corey and I are here as well as the rest of our talented crew to create the most effortless and enjoyable season for everyone involved. We will be sending out invitations through Eventbrite, so plan early as Sunday Suppers often sell-out quickly.

Sunday Suppers were extremely successful in 2018-2019. They were enjoyable for us, and guests seemed to enjoy them this year. We had some creative themes, fantastic food and unique drinks. Sunday Suppers will resume in Sept/Oct after a summer break. We will recalculate dates and themes for the fall. Looking forward to another successful year!

2020 Dates

  • 12 January
  • 15 March
  • 19 April


Ticket Pricing includes food, beverages and gratuity.

VIP Tickets

VIP seats are at the bar, with special treats coming from the kitchen as well as the bar.

$90.00 (food + drink), $6.19 (sales tax)
$13.50 (15% service charge)
$8.16 Eventbrite charge


Dining Room Tickets

$70.00 (food + drink), $4.87 (sales tax)
$10.50 (15% service charge)
$6.46 Eventbrite charge

As always – an open bar with wine and beer included in price!

*We reserve the right to cancel this event due to lack of attendance. We require 22 guests to hold this event. In the event of a cancellation, attendees will be notified 24 hours in advance.