Legacy Cocktail Competition

November 30th, 2016 by
Last month, Chris Massey, Create's Bar Manager, won a well-earned space at the USBG Legacy Cocktail Competition that was sponsored by Bacardi. He flew to Chicago mid-November to try for the title of champ.

His concoction was called Isla Blanca: an elegant dance of Bacardi Superior, lime juice, spiced pistachio syrup, coconut milk and allspice dram.

Although travel was difficult with a significant delay at the airport he was able to reach his destination in plenty of time to fetch ingredients and spend some time enjoying the scenery with a fellow competitor from Minneapolis.

The competition was held at The California Clipper Lounge located in the Humboldt Park area. Chris and 9 others drew numbers for their order, had and hour and a half to prep which led to a seven minute presentation of their wares. In that seven minutes the candidate had to make 4 cocktails while conversing about their inspiration. Once the stress lifted, all 10 finalists and judges met at Avec for dinner and, what else, cocktails!

The winner of the competition wasn't Chris, but he's still number one in our book! Good job and congratulations!