Shrub Drinking Vinegars

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The Create catering Citrus matcha shrub


The Create Catering shrub which you received in your Thank You box was created in house. It was crafted with the optimism of the forthcoming spring. The recipe follows the three general ingredients for a traditional shrub: sugar, fruit and vinegar. Uniquely the shrub you received blends three traditional Japanese Citrus Vinegars, or , commonly found in the Cr(eat)e kitchen.

In drink terms, a shrub is a concentrated syrup that combines fruit, sugar, and vinegar. The result is a sweet, acidic mixer that can be enjoyed on its own or used in a variety of mixed drinks. Quite often, herbs and spices are also used to created interesting flavor combinations.

Secondary to vinegar, an infused herb and citrus simple syrup was created with a blend of tarragon, rosemary, cardamom, fennel and ginger.

Lastly, sufficient portions of fresh juices and citrus peels (no pith) of orange, lemon, and lime were added to compliment and balance the refreshing flavor profile of the blended Togo-Su. The entire infusion sat for 5-7 days before the peels were removed.

Cr(eat)e Citrus Matcha Shrub

The shrub is a refreshing beverage with many flavor combinations. Several online resources (The SpruceSerious Eats) encourage making shrubs with fresh, or beyond prime, fruits to capture the final essence of seasonal fruit. You may also see shrubs referred to as "drinking vinegars." Apple cider vinegar is the most common base to contemporary shrubs, and admired for its health benefits. Shrubs can stand alone in drinks. They are often topped with either cold water (as was customary in early America) or club soda, ginger ale, or any clear soda. Combine 1 ounce of shrub with 5 to 6 ounces of water or soda over ice for an easy drinking non-alcoholic beverage.


In recent years, hand crafted shrubs have become a popular cocktail ingredient. Shrubs are an excellent way to add a new zing to cocktails and they're quite versatile. As a secondary beverage option – blend this Citrus Matcha Shrub with 1 1/2 oz. of gin or vodka and finish with soda to create a perfectly spring like shrub cocktail.


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The popularity of shrubs has made them available on the commercial market as well. Companies like Shrub & Co. and Shrub Drinks sell a variety of shrub flavors.