Valentine’s Day Sunday Supper

February 15th, 2016 by

Second Sunday Suppers is a HIT! What a night!

Valentine's Day was so fantastic here at The Dining Studio!  We had a full house (we keep it small to keep the service standards high), the food was flawless, the desserts were pure creativity, the flowers were gorgeous and all by bubble candlelight. It was just plain fun!

We enjoyed seeing so many of our friends, family and clients who we haven't seen for awhile. The comments that we received are helping us make the next Pop-Up even better.  Second Sunday Supper in March will be the 13th and we are channeling Iron Chef with Philip Dorwart facing off against Corey Meier. This is going to be game-show-festive with surprise ingredients chosen by the registered guests.   How fun is that?? When you register for tickets a question will pop-up at the end to ask you to choose, from a selection, what ingredients you want them to cook. These will be kept a secret from our staff until the moment Philip and Corey have to use them to CREATE an entree to wow the room. Guests will be able to watch the whole process and try both entrees to vote for the winner.

Tickets will go on sale Thursday, February 25th on Eventbrite. Be prepared to reserve your seat, these will go quickly! I'll post the menu under the Pop-Up Sunday Suppers category on the website next Tuesday.