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Craft Cocktail Menu and Bar Program

Create Craft Cocktails is the Beverage side of Create Catering and The Dining Studio. We approach our cocktails with the same care and attention to detail that we do with our food and service.  Every cocktail uses fresh, seasonal and inspiring ingredients to ensure the best flavors for your specific tastes and needs.

Classic Cocktail Bar

This bar is an experience that brings you back to the birth of the cocktail. In this package we use fresh squeezed juices, homemade syrups and premium spirits to create a menu of over 15 classic cocktails. All drinks are made by hand in front of the guests and our knowledgeable bartenders will be able to explain the origin of the cocktails as well as how it has evolved over the years.

Sample Menu:

Old Fashioned, Sazerac, Manhattan, Daiquiri, Hemingway, Gimlet, Last Word, Brown Derby, Sidecar, Brooklyn, Martinez, Vieux Carre, Boulevardier, French 75, Negroni

Martini/Manhattan Bar

One of the best known cocktails of the modern age. The Martini/Manhattan (you can choose one or both) bar will provide your guests with the opportunity to try many different versions of the iconic cocktail. Wether it be the traditional Martini stirred, vodka shaken with ice or one of our Martini inspired cocktails.

Old Fashioned Bar

Spirit, Sugar, Bitters and Water… This is the original cocktail. While traditionally made with Bourbon or Brandy, as you can see based on the ingredients and spirit can be used. With this bar Create Craft Cocktails will provide an assortment of Premium Spirits along with homemade syrups and a large selection of Bitters and Garnishes to create an almost endless combination of this Classic Cocktail

Punch Social

Want an easy social hour to start your event or maybe a quick cocktail option during your event? Then punch is the way to go. More fruit forward this pre-batched cocktail is ready to go before your guests arrive, a Punch makes for an excellent accompaniment to any of our bar experience without affecting the service of the bar. Choose from our list of 4 different punches - Bourbon, Rum, Gin or Brandy.

Brunch Bar

What is brunch without a Mimosa or Bloody Mary? Breakfast… And who wants a Breakfast Party? With a large assortment of fresh squeezed juices, fruit purees, sparkling wine, house made Bloody Mary Mix and tons of garnishes, along with a selection of premium spirits our Brunch Bar will make breakfast the highlight of your day!

Bellini/Bloody/Mimosa/French 75

Custom Bar

Do you have specific drinks in mind? A favorite that you’ve tried somewhere? Set an appointment with us and we can create a beverage experience that perfectly matches your event.

Cocktail Classes

An interactive drinking experience. Our cocktail classes (10-15 people) are the perfect addition to your celebration… Birthday Parties, Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties. You can come to us or we can go to you. Learn about bartending and cocktails and drink at the same time! Classes last about 2 hours. Our Studio is conveniently located in NE Minneapolis, 5 minutes to Downtown.

Consultation [see home page, "Cocktail & Spirit Program", for more information]

Our Consultation services include:

  • Seasonal Cocktail Menu development
  • Spirit, wine & beer menu development
  • Tool, glassware and equipment overhaul
  • Technical, hands-on workshops
  • Cocktail and product history training
  • Costing and Inventory management
  • Bar Design and/or overhaul

Craft Cocktail Menu

For a small fee, Create can custom design cocktails for your special event based on your needs or you can choose from our most recent list [see below].

These are a few crowd favorites from Create's craft cocktail menu:

What’s Montague?

Rye/ Spiced Cherry Syrup/ Lemon Juice/ Spice Scented Egg White
Rich and Tart mash up of a Jack Rose and Whiskey Sour

La Cochinita

Vodka/ Cilantro Syrup/ Pineapple and Lime Juice/ Fresno Chili/ Annatto Oil
Refreshing with a touch of spice

Create's Old Fashioned

Pecan washed Rye/ Roasted Sweet Corn Syrup/ Bittercube CBV Bitters/ Orange Oil
Full Bodied Old Fashioned with a hint of toast

Isla Blanca

Rum/ Lime/ Pistachio Syrup/ Coconut Milk
Blend of Tiki and Tropical

Rhus Juice

Sumac infused Gin/ Lemon/ Spiced Cherry Syrup
Citrusy and tart with subtle winter spice

Yvonne's Wrath

A twist on a French 75, hint of bitter and earth backed up with a vanilla sweetness

The Importance of Refinement

A martini with subtle hints of apricot and caraway, clean and luscious