Jesse Matthew Petersen

July 26th, 2019 by

Create Catering and The Dining Studio is happy to exhibit the work of Jesse Petersen through October 2019.

On Amibuants

This series of digital and paper collages (begun in 2010) takes fashion photography and reconfigures it into something alien. I’m interested in how high fashion objectifies and eroticizes the human body and in how fashion photography (as art or as advertising) amplifies that erotic ideal, much as traditional portraiture has done throughout the centuries, in the absence of recognizable body parts. I assemble small collages from a personal archive of carefully-excised cuttings from fashion magazines, re-photograph or scan them, and manipulate them digitally into something closer to a sculptural curiosity. The resulting images read as both organic objects and abstract portraiture; the subtraction of the human body allows the source material to take other shapes, evoking unknown life forms. Despite the absence of flesh, they retain echoes of the human form, demanding to be seen as portraits. Set against blank backgrounds, they’re offered both as specimens collected for scientific scrutiny and as objects of devotion. By extracting the human figure from haute couture, these collages ask whether our attraction to fashion is to the body itself, a manipulative erotic ideal, or merely to the evocative materials and veneer of luxury used to sell a product. They are also as much about a deep fascination with the natural world as they are about blurring the masculine and feminine, luxury, commerce, and desire.

Jesse Petersen CV

April Sunday Supper

April 16th, 2019 by

Sunday Supper: "The Bird is the Word"

Our FINAL Sunday Supper until September!

April 28, 2019


If you didn't take a flight for Spring Break '19... let me take you on a trip!! The bird(s) is the word. It is also a word. It is also an undeniably delicious protein which has many varieties, as you will see in the menu below.

Please join me for a Springy bird flights Dinner (I hope you all get the jokes).

Tickets Available on Eventbrite

Here is your flight itinerary:

Fried Chicken Sliders
sawmill gravy/ hot sauce buns

Buffalo Quail
blue cheese/ celery root/ grilled carrots

Pheasant Pie
peas/ parsnips/ potatoes/ puff pastry (7 Ps)

Moo Shu Duck Breast
vegetables/ house-made pancakes/ hoisin/ charred scallions

Duck Confit Nuggets
with mustard sauce

Grilled Silky Chicken
collards/ Bryant’s clone sauce

Chicken Hearts
charcoal grilled/ Calabrian chili/ vinegar/ frisée

Grilled Asparagus
Reggiano/ lemon/ kale

Landing (Dessert):

Poached Rhubarb with Champagne Orange Sabayon
and Spice cookie

Signature Cocktail: Aviation

Bird On a Wire
Aquavit/ Hibiscus Syrup/ Creme de Violet/ Creme de Fleur/ Lemon Juice

I hope you all will enjoy this trip!

Sunday Supper South American

March 6th, 2019 by

South American Extravaganza

March 24, 2019


March, in like a lion and out like a lamb. Right? Well, let's meet after the lion but before the lamb! March 24th we ought to be feeling the tickle of Spring and I think that that is a cause for celebration! Let's cheers to the weather we crave and eat the craveable! As always we will welcome you with a signature cocktail or wine and the bar will remain open (and included) throughout the evening!

Tickets Available on Eventbrite


Chef's Choice

Family Style Dinner

wild shrimp/ market fish/ aji amarillo/ onion/ green olives/ totopos

"Elotes" Salad
grilled corn/ blue posole/ greens/ lime vinaigrette/ aji panca aioli/ ricotta salata

Cheese Papusas
monterrey jack/ masa/ curtido slaw/ salsa pebre

potato cakes/ fried egg/ avocado/ salsa di mani/ pickled onion/ crisped chorizo

Beef Ribs
slow grilled over oak/ chimichurri/ green sauce

Salchica Parillera
pork-smoked paprika sausage


Tres Leches Cake
brigadeiros/ citrus-berry ambrosia

Craft Cocktails

Pisco Sour
Yerba Mate Mule

Sunday Supper Indian

February 24th, 2019 by


February 24, 2019

...ahhh, the scents that I am imagining from this menu are making my mouth water!  Hearty, healthy comfort food so good you will ask for an annual Indian Sunday Supper!

Passed Hors d'Oeuvres 

Pea & Potato Samosa

Indian Family Style Dinner 

Curried Lamb Kebab 
Ground lamb/ citrus-chili/ cucumber raita/

Butter Basmati (gf, v) 
Fried Eggplant Pan fried/ roasted tomato/ red chilies/ yogurt

Spinach/ yellow coconut curry/ crispies

Chicken Tikka Masala 
Braised chicken thigh/ roasted tomato curry/ coconut cream/ scallion

Palak Paneer (v, gf) 
Lacinato kale/ paneer/ double cream-mushroom curry

Chickpea & Cucumber 
Tahini-lime vinaigrette/ red onion/ English cucumber/ marinated chickpeas/ cilantro/ scallion

House Made Naan 

Achaar/ hot chilies


Mango Lassi Pie & Toasted Coconut Ice Cream 
Pistachio crust

Craft Cocktail

Clarified Milk Punch
Rum (3x) / Bourbon / Lemon / Pineapple / Milk / Secret Spice Blend

Blind Tasting

January 24th, 2019 by

Download Blind Tasting Poster

First Annual Benefit for East Side Neighborhood Services

The Blind Tasting Dinner Series

Tickets Available on Eventbrite


Do you know what our blind tasting dinners are? They area 5 course dinner with paired wines, a secret menu and, in this case, all proceeds go to charity! — Win, win, win!!!!!

Corey Meier will delight you and 11 of your friends on February 9th, 10th, 12th, 13th or 15th (start time is up to you) at our Dining Studio in NE Minneapolis. The cost is $1,200 (plus tax) and all (sans tax) will go to Eastside Neighborhood Services. You'll cozy up to our kitchen counter interacting with Chef Corey while enjoying a fantastic, surprising meal paired with wine that you and your friends will talk about for years to come. And you can write it off on your taxes!

We are selling one dinner for 12 guests per night. The dinners are on Feb 9th, 10th, (11th is booked), 12th, 13th, (14th – Valentine's Eve is already sold) and 15th — so these are extremely limited!

If you would like to book through us directly (and save the Eventbrite fee of $76) you can contact Julie at 612-331-3310 or

German Sunday Supper

January 8th, 2019 by
Sunday 20 January

Hello friends! I'm honored to invite you to the next in our Sunday Supper series, a German experience you will remember forever! As always John will be creating a signature cocktail for the evening and the bar will be open you all night (included in price)!


  • Fried Leberkäse Sliders with mustard
  • Fried Schnitzel — heritage pork/ sweet and sour red cabbage/
  • Sun's Spätzle — mushroom gravy
  • House-Made Currywurst
  • Giant Chewy Salty Pretzels
  • Sourdough Loganbrodt
  • Dez's Fermented Kraut
  • Creamy Cucumber & Dill Salad


  • Apfelstrudel with cherry-nut ice cream

Yeah, I know, I can't wait either!!

Winter Truffles and Rotisserie

November 16th, 2018 by

Rotisol | Gas Fired Rotissoire | France
The French Rotisserie has been completely cleaned and rehabilitated for its inaugural use here at Create.
We look forward to seeing it in action.

Winter Truffles and Rotisserie Sunday Supper

Sunday 09 December


It's a bit brisk outside, don't you think? Well, we would like to invite you to come inside, warm yourself up with a cider & maple Old Fashioned and sit down to a Family style, heart (and belly!)-warming dinner with us!


Passed appetizers (we will call it Chef's surprise)



  • Suckling Pig on the French Rotisserie
  • Pasture raised chicken on the French Rotisserie
  • Multiple dips and sauces
  • Gemini Farm potato puree (our farm!) with Winter truffles
  • Brussels sprout salad/pomegranate/pecans/honey-champagne vinaigrette
  • Winter truffle creamed corn
  • Pumpkin biscuits with sage butter


Yule log/chocolate cake Swiss roll with peppermint bark filling/torch meringue/edible faeries/"magic" mushrooms

As always an open bar with wine and beer included in price!

Nathanael Flink

October 11th, 2018 by

We are very excited to have artist Nathanael Flink (Mn Artists) displaying his paintings at Create beginning October 2018 through January 2019.

Closing Artists' Reception
27 January 2019
3-5 pm

There is something distinctly present about Nathanael Flink’s paintings, a feeling they evoke that distinguishes them from other colorful abstractions. Like excavated fossils, they are the enduring impressions of life-cycles, evidence of the age from which they have emerged. The uneven edges, crooked marks and weather-beaten veils of color come together in a simultaneously haphazard and harmonious synthesis of diverse methods. Ostensibly, they are suspended moments. Within the confines of the stretched linen, the artist’s stains and streaks have settled and congealed like the byproducts of an inexplicable passage.

Flink’s compositions have the potential to engulf the viewer in their opposing layers of space. What appear to be the trademark strokes of a color field painter are actually impressions of an indistinguishable source. Like an imprint left in the grit of the sidewalk, layered beneath a shadow cast by an adjacent chain-link fence, Flink’s paintings are crowded with complex visual potential and filled with a tension, a dialogue that beckons the viewer to look into and through the world of the painting. But here we do not find ourselves waist deep in rich pigment, as in a Rothko, or lost in the lush and teaming landscape of a Lundsager; rather, the paintings leave you floating in a void that is nevertheless brimming with a peculiar kinetic energy.


Italian Wine Dinner

October 11th, 2018 by

Sunday 14 October


We are happy to announce the first of our Sunday Supper Series beginning in October! We are starting off with a bang and bringing back the favorite Italian supper, but with a new menu and Stefano Follega here to speak to the paired wines.

As always the night will be filled with fantastic food, brilliant pairings and great company! Come enjoy yourself, you deserve it!

Remember to save the dates for the other Sunday Suppers coming up as well! They are December 9th, January 20th, February 24th, March 24th, April 28th and May 19th. We hope to see you there!


Logan's Clam Pizza

Tender Kale Salad
chickpeas/ aged provolone/ fnocchiona/ cucumbers/ cherry tomatoes/ red wine-herb vinaigrette

duroc pork belly wrapped tenderloin/ garlic-fennel stufed/ sweet wine ju

Charred Rapini
lemon/ red chili/ anchovy/ olive oil

Mushroom & Smoked Mozzarella Stromboli
tomato conserve Butternut Squash Agnolotti vanilla bean/ brown butter monte/ pecorino

honey glazed micro donut "pie"/ sprinkles/ candies/ pistchio gelato

All courses will be paired with Italian wines.


Ca’del Bosco Cuvée Prestige

Villa Sparina Gavi di Gavi

Nicolis “Seccal” Ripasso Valpolicella DOC Classico Superiore

Rocca di Frassinello Poggio alla Guardia


Burgers and Burgundy

June 20th, 2018 by

Sunday 24 June

sunday supper :: burgers & BURGUNDY


How good does that sun feel? Summer skies, grass turning green under your toes and waking to the sweet songs of birds outside your window...

Let's get together and eat some burgers and pair them with wines from Burgundy — YUM!
We cordially invite you to share a Sunday Supper with us that will be the finale until the leaves begin to turn.


• All Quarter Pounders •
  • Classic Cheeseburger — buttered bun
  • Stuffed Mushroom & Swiss — braised oxtail & mushroom stuffed/ double Gruyere fonduta
  • Turkey Butter Burger — fresh English muffin

Accoutrements — Ketchup/ mustard/ mayo/ fancy sauce/ pickles/ marinated tomatoes/ shaved sweet onion/ bacon

Logan's triple "baked" fries

Creamy Coleslaw


Root Beer Floats


Burgundy Wines


2015 Domaine des Terres de Chatenay | Viré-Clessé
2015 “Francois” Carillon | Bourgogne Aligote


2015 Bourgogne Devaux Hautes-Côtes de Beaune | La Perriere
2015 Domaine de Suremain | Mercurey La Bondue
2016 Bouchard Père & Fils - Grand Vin de Bourgogne | Santenay

May Sunday Supper

May 15th, 2018 by



Spring has sprung and let's give a big thank you to all those hard-working, loving, supportive Mothers out there with a glorious evening hosted by Create!

Dinner Menu

Fiddleheads Fern Elotes Style — kewpie/ smoked paprika/ red chili/ lime/ chitty parm

Morel Carbonara — hand rolled pasta/ roasted cauliflower cream/ morels/ peas/ prosciutto

King Crab Panzanella Salad — red potato bread/ lemon avocado vinaigrette/ dried tomatoes/ pecorino/ picholine olives

Roasted New York of Prime Beef — pink peppercorn glace/ pickled ramps

Chocolate Dessert

April Sunday Supper

March 28th, 2018 by



The Self Made Sake Ambassador — Chris Johnson
Sake Samurai Inauguration 2013

Chris Johnson fell in love with saké – and the culture and history that surround it – during the three years he spent living and working in the Japanese countryside.

Chris specializes in thought provoking saké-and-food pairing experiences that are approachable, yet rival the most serious wine and cocktail lists in the business. By combining his reverence for traditional Japanese flavors with a touch of Western ingenuity, he aspires to elevate saké beyond the confines of the traditional Japanese restaurant, and onto an international platform.

Chris is a saké sommelier certified by the Saké Service Institute in 1999, a member of the board of directors for Joy of Saké, and has served as a senior judge for the U.S. National Saké Appraisal since 2000. Chris has judged for the International Wine Challenge Sake since 2015. Chris is a certified WSET Level 3 Saké Educator and in 2013 earned the distinguished title of Saké Samurai.

Saké & Dumplings & Banchan

  • Scallop & Cilantro Stem
  • Shrimp Shumai
  • Turkey-Lemongrass
  • Carrot-Ginger
  • Pork Bao
  • Pork “Egg Roll” Dumpling
  • Kimchee Bing Bread
  • Short Grain Rice with Furikake
  • Assorted dips and sauces

Our Take on Banchan

  • Sea Bean Sprout Salad
  • Apple-Chive “Kimchi”
  • Scallion Pancake
  • Smoked Pepper & Tuna Dust
  • Glazed Lotus Root

Super Surprise Dessert...

Hint: Philippine “double angel”

March Sunday Supper

March 20th, 2018 by

Cholera Fest 2018

Let me tell you a story....

It was Labor Day, 2008. We were having our annual cookout with many friends and neighbors at our farm in Wadena, MN. We decided that a clam bake was our theme. I was pregnant at the time so the guys dug the hole and created the large bed of coals to cook our multiple layers of king crab, razor clams, shrimp, and our garden potatoes, seaweed, corn and leeks. As we were applying the layers, the guys, Philip and our good friend Nathan, decided to shuck some oysters to start the celebration. The boys lovingly roasted mine so I could eat some. Next came the raw clams, a couple for everyone. They were so fresh and delicious, then...

Philip got Cholera.......yep, he was one of the "handful" of people in the U.S. to be diagnosed that year. Yay. Everyone else at the party was unscathed.

So, since then, no matter what is on the menu for Labor Day at the farm it is officially "Cholera Fest."

Now we want to bring that exciting family-style dinner (sans the raw clams and cholera) to all of you!


As always a free-flowing bar!

East Coast Oysters & Shrimp Cocktail Reception

Family Style Dinner

  • Maine Lobster Roll
  • Alaskan Snow Crab
  • New Haven Style Clam Pizza
  • Mussels Meuniere -- white wine, garlic, parsley, shallot, lemon
  • Boiled, Buttered & Herbed Marble Potatoes
  • Poached Asparagus with hollandaise (room temp)
  • Charcoal Roasted Carrots – greek yogurt/ toasted hazelnuts/ lemon
  • Oyster Crackers & Drawn Butter
  • Blueberry Buckle with Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Note: As of March, no reported outbreaks of cholera, or any other food related illness were reported. Everyone enjoyed themselves – and the seafood was fantastic.


Shrub Drinking Vinegars

March 9th, 2018 by

The Create catering Citrus matcha shrub


The Create Catering shrub which you received in your Thank You box was created in house. It was crafted with the optimism of the forthcoming spring. The recipe follows the three general ingredients for a traditional shrub: sugar, fruit and vinegar. Uniquely the shrub you received blends three traditional Japanese Citrus Vinegars, or , commonly found in the Cr(eat)e kitchen.

In drink terms, a shrub is a concentrated syrup that combines fruit, sugar, and vinegar. The result is a sweet, acidic mixer that can be enjoyed on its own or used in a variety of mixed drinks. Quite often, herbs and spices are also used to created interesting flavor combinations.

Secondary to vinegar, an infused herb and citrus simple syrup was created with a blend of tarragon, rosemary, cardamom, fennel and ginger.

Lastly, sufficient portions of fresh juices and citrus peels (no pith) of orange, lemon, and lime were added to compliment and balance the refreshing flavor profile of the blended Togo-Su. The entire infusion sat for 5-7 days before the peels were removed.

Cr(eat)e Citrus Matcha Shrub

The shrub is a refreshing beverage with many flavor combinations. Several online resources (The SpruceSerious Eats) encourage making shrubs with fresh, or beyond prime, fruits to capture the final essence of seasonal fruit. You may also see shrubs referred to as "drinking vinegars." Apple cider vinegar is the most common base to contemporary shrubs, and admired for its health benefits. Shrubs can stand alone in drinks. They are often topped with either cold water (as was customary in early America) or club soda, ginger ale, or any clear soda. Combine 1 ounce of shrub with 5 to 6 ounces of water or soda over ice for an easy drinking non-alcoholic beverage.


In recent years, hand crafted shrubs have become a popular cocktail ingredient. Shrubs are an excellent way to add a new zing to cocktails and they're quite versatile. As a secondary beverage option – blend this Citrus Matcha Shrub with 1 1/2 oz. of gin or vodka and finish with soda to create a perfectly spring like shrub cocktail.


Second Annual Valentine’s Dinner

February 13th, 2018 by

2018 Valentines Day Menu

2018 Valentines Day Menu

Sunday Supper

February 14th 2018

We would like to invite each of you to our second annual Valentines Day Eve Dinner. This month we have shifted our monthly Sunday Supper to celebrate Valentines Day. Reserve your tickets for a romantic dinner for two, a couples date for four, or a larger gathering. This years menu is fantastic and will warm your heart.

We will begin with.

Cocktail Menu

Bubbly Reception
Craft Cocktail – ‘between the sheets’

Dinner Menu



Choice Of

Maine Lobster bisque with shrimp toast and tarragon
Bistro Salad – with bibb lettuce, 63˚ farm egg, heritage bacon, confit fingerling, crispy sweet potato, dijon and reggiano


Fusilli Lunghi – with fresh truffles, foie gras meatballs, pecorino, and lemon


Duck Breast Tartine – with Logan’s bread, sherry mushrooms, picholine, cara cara orange, fines herbes and pan glaze


{one each per couple}
Tiramisu Crepe Cake  – with chocolate & vanilla crepes with coffee cream, whipped mascarpone and red velvet caramel corn
Raspberry Pavlova – with passionfruit, raspberry meringue, vanilla custard and berries

Menu is adjusted upon request. Unique GF/DF menu options created upon request

Kenneth T. Herren

November 14th, 2017 by

We are very excited to have artist Kenneth T. Herren displaying his paintings at Create beginning November 2017.

"As an artist, I am challenged with communicating a visual narrative that speaks to the tension of two major forces that shaped the individual that I am today."

Born in the 1950’s and raised in a somewhat rural community and later becoming enlightened in urbania, I am primarily focused on bringing those two worlds together in my art.

I mainly use abstraction as the tool to accomplish this task.  A simple landscape collides with the energy of the city. Using composition, color and texture, I hope to convey a sense of the pastoral and inevitable disrepair.

In expressing my life experience through painting, I see the undercoat painting as a reflection of the things in the past. At times these details are hidden and at times can be seen by those we meet. As such, the colors that emerge from below reflect the true self or soul of the work.

Where it Comes From…
These pieces are from a larger body of works entitled: Fascination Street

When I was a kid, living in a dusty farm town in California, I watched a tractor-trailer carrying hundreds of 5 gallon paint cans lose its load right in front of my house. Hundreds of gushing containers of paint exploded before my eyes. The cracked and traffic worn pavement became an abstract painting that continues to influence my work to this day. As the little town grew up around "my painting", I sadly watched the decay that suburbia and 'progress' imposed on it, swearing that someday I would recreate the wonderment of that day it rained paint on my street!


Domaine Serene Wine Dinner

September 7th, 2017 by


Well, do we have a surprise for you!

On September 19th we are hosting a one-of-a-kind, four or six-course Domaine Serene dinner paired with Create's spectacular food. This is going to be absolutely the best meal of your life!

Reception from 6:30 PM
Dinner at 7:00 PM


Hors d'Oeuvres 

  • Domaine Serene "R" Rose
  • Butternut Squash Arancini – sour apple/ micro basil
  • Beef Tartare – anchois / toast / marinated tomato / yolk / chive

VIP Course – Chef's Surprise

Course One

Chateau de la Cree Les Tourelles Montagny Premier Cru
Fruit de Mer Salad –  garden greens / wild gulf shrimp / lobster / coddled oysters / grilled sourdough / "bearnaiseyonnaise"/ cherry tomatoes

Course Two

Domaine Serene Evenstad Reserve Chardonnay
Hawaiian Kanpachi Crudo – mint chimichurri / grilled radish

Course Three

Domaine Serene Evenstad Reserve Pinot Noir
Breast of Au Bon Canard Duck – fig glace / charred corn/ potato puree

VIP Course

Domaine Serene "Grace" | impossible to get wine in MN
Seared Au Bon Canard Foie Gras – sour cherry glaze / sea salt/ cracked pepper / toast


Malmsey Madeira
Crab Apple Cobbler – pistachio gelato / hazelnut struesel

William Brakke

August 22nd, 2017 by

The Dining Studio supports our local artists by showcasing their works. One of our present artists is William Brakke. Here, Willie tells us a little about himself and his work:

"I was born and raised in Duluth Minnesota. I went to the College of St. Scholastica, where the art department has excellent instructors but limited facilities. These limitations forced me to find creative ways of experiencing different media. My current work is a direct result of this experimentation."


I paint with aerosols, and I cut intricate and original stencils to create deeply layered images. My fascination with human interaction is reflected in the small decisions in any given painting: from arranging the image, to creating the stencil, to choosing the color composition. The accumulation of these small decisions creates the final piece.

My inspiration comes from exploring on the frontier of the natural and the synthetic, the neglected ally and the curated studio, the human and the wild.

I live, work, and create in the Twin Cities. I presently have pieces showing at the Moto-i in Minneapolis.

The work of being an artist excites me, and I am energized by the challenges to come!"

Instagram: williebrakke
Facebook: WillieBrakkeArt

Fish Fry and Pie Sunday Supper

July 1st, 2017 by


Now this is going to be fun!!

Fish fry and Pie themed dinner?

Sample the best of what Summer has to offer in one meal!
Not your average fish fry... but you know all of our Sunday Suppers are fantastic, far above average! Well-stocked bar, as usual VIP tickets sell out quickly. We can accommodate GF, just let us know!
See you here!

Passed Apps:

  • Deviled Eggs with Smoked Char Roe
  • Shrimp Cocktail
  • Chef's Choice


  • Beer Battered Trap Caught Cod
  • Fried Whole Arctic Char
  • Curry Gravy / Cocktail Sauce/ Malt Vinegar / Tartare Sauces / Aioli
  • Dill Fingerling Potato Salad
  • Baked Beans with smoked pork belly
  • Tomato-Watermelon-Feta Salad
  • Market Vegetable Pasta


  • Blueberry
  • Cherry
  • Strawberry / Rhubarb
  • Apple
  • Coconut
  • Lemon Meringue
  • Banana Cream
  • Boston Cream
  • Key Lime
  • French Silk
  • Green Tomato
  • Peach
  • Chess
  • Crack
  • Shaker Lemon


Sunday Roast

May 12th, 2017 by


We wanted to invite you to celebrate the good weather (maybe Spring will officially be here by then), good friends and, as always, super food!

Smoked brisket of prime beef


We're at it again! An evening in June to start our Summer Sunday Suppers. We plan to continue all Summer so why not join us to celebrate!

Invitations are now, menu to follow soon. We are just SO excited we wanted to get the invitations out today! The chef's will focus on the first of local summer vegetables along with the the usual excellent carnivore fare...

Dining Room seats include a four course meal and open bar.
VIP seats include a multi course meal, open bar and front row seating surrounding the kitchen.

Our bar includes Flip's choice wine, beer and select cocktails.

Smoked Brisket of Prime Beef

  • Spatchcocked Amish Chicken – achiote brine
  • Fire Roasted and Butter Dipped Sweet Corn – black pepper sea salt
  • Grilled Octopus and Heirloom Tomato Salad
  • Baked and Loaded Fingerling Potatoes – Widmer's Cheddar / Chives/ Sour Cream/
  • Savoy Cabbage Slaw – vinegar style / herbs
  • Logan's Hawaiian Style Buns
  • Selection of house made hot sauces / bbqs/ chimichurri
  • Strawberry Short Cake – torched meringue / red wine caramel

Kitchen Renovation

April 27th, 2017 by

Renovation is a popular idea these days whether the day dreaming version while watching HGTV or living the dream and updating your own home or business. If you haven’t done it, be warned, it brings out the best and the worst in people.

After a little backstory, I’ll let you in on a few things that we were never told about renovation but have since learned.

We purchased a 1955 house three years ago. This came after a 12-year process of renovating a 1912 home. We were young, childless when we bought it and did the work ourselves (with help from friends). It was a learning process from the beginning.  We wanted to hold on to the character of the house, like the dark woodwork, stained glass and claw foot tub. The largest part of that remodel was the kitchen…of course, we’re both chefs. We had just completed it when we admitted to ourselves that having two adults, two babies, two cats and two big dogs in the home was becoming too difficult. We sold it and bought our 1954 home.

The new house had the space, the Mid-Century vibe and was architect built, which showed in every nuance, design choice and layout. We found out through some digging that the house was designed by John Polivka. As you may well know, that is a huge name in architecture so when we decided to renovate the kitchen (chefs, remember?) we hired a firm to help us to ensure that the design met Polivka’s standards and cuddled right into the existing floor plan. In this we had no choice. The exterior of the home is stone and floor to ceiling windows in most rooms.

We lived in the house, as I said, for three years deciding on what could be done. We consulted with three firms on the renovation before we selected one and we began the process last August. We began demo at the beginning of February. In mid-March we were here.

As we near the end of April we now can see our design choices...


Jean Wright

April 11th, 2017 by


"I am a life-long Minnesotan. I live in St Paul and my current studio is in the Grain Belt warehouse building. I have been in love with art-making since childhood, when my best friend’s father would turn us loose in his studio armed with huge sheets of vellum and handfuls of markers."

A result of that experience was an abiding love of layering color. I have worked in fibers using dyed, sheer fabric to create images and in printmaking with multiple layers of highly extended colors.


My current work is encaustic painting. It involves painting with pigmented bee’s wax mixed with Damar resin that is heated to about 225°. Each layer is carefully fused to the next with a torch. When cooled, the layers can be scraped back, carved into, or manipulated in endless ways – alternately concealing and revealing. I love the sense that I am participating in an art form that traces its roots to antiquity; pre-dating Egypt’s famous Fayum mummy portraits circa 80-100 AD. And melted bee’s wax smells heavenly.

I graduated from University of St Thomas with a degree in Theology, and the College of St Catherine in Studio Art. I find that the theology informs the art, and the art gives form to the theology.

I have shown work in the MN State Fair Fine Art Show, at the Catherine G Murphy Gallery at the College of St Catherine, Unity Unitarian Church in St Paul, MN, Flow Art Space in Lowertown, St Paul, George Anderson Gallery at Breck School in Mpls as well as several coffee shops in the Twin Cities.


Todd Miller

March 28th, 2017 by

Artists was Todd Miller was born in Duluth and began taking pictures in the early 1970's with a Kodak Tele-Ektra 300.

He could hardly wait to see the prints developed at the nearby Woolworth. He had images of Lake Superior's shoreline, Canal Park and the Ariel Lift Bridge, friends and family, but mostly architecture and the various elements of buildings were the most fascinating to him.

When he moved to Minneapolis in 1984 he began shooting skyscrapers as they were constructed; from groundbreaking to grand-opening. The photos featured earthmoving equipment, the first girders being placed, facade panels and windows attached, then exterior lighting.

He visited New York City for the first time in 1989 and seeing the World Trade Centers was at the top of his priority list of things to see and photograph.  He shot three times from the Observation deck. He found using a 35mm camera to be very liberating.  In his freshman year at the U of MN he took a single photography course and was hooked.

In recent years he's found himself shooting familiar landmarks in Minneapolis (as well as NYC, France and Germany), manipulating his images with strong saturated color and bold texture, especially with the more historic subjects.  He finds energy and dialogue through the accentuation of light and architectural elements.

He's received five American Arts Awards, including First Place nationwide for "Manipulated Photography." He's met so many interesting people who have acquired his work.  His images can be found in Target Corp's offices, Black Sheep Pizza, Lotus Vietnamese, Loring Park Rec Center, Uptown Theater lobby and many other local establishments and now also Create!

Facebook page: phoToddgraphy
Phone: 612-822-6984

Italian Sunday Supper

February 17th, 2017 by

You know what we're in the mood for?
A huge Italian meal hosted at The Studio!  

We have eveything set; the menu, seats, beverages and the impeccable staff you've come to know. Now all we need is you to make it perfect! Will you join us?

Passed Hors d’Oeuvres/ Welcome Bubbles


Smoked Lamb Ragout – hand planked cavatelli/ Create's ricotta/ peas/ blood orange 

Family Style 

  • Fennel Salad -- arugula/ celery hearts/ pistachio/ shave Reggiano/ simple vinaigrette
  • Fresh Buccatini – braised octopus/ clams/ parsley/ butter/ garlic/ shallot/ lemon/ white wine 
  • Two-Day Beefy Bolognese – beef/ organic tomatoes/ herbs/ house made pasta
  • Whole Roasted Chicken – citrus brine/ rosemary/ Marsala gravy
  • Creamy Polenta -- Mississippi Mushroom fricassee/ Pecorino 
  • Grilled Rapini -- Calabrian chilis/ lemon/ Italian anchovy/ olive oil 
  • Artisan Breads – focaccia/ stromboli/ rustic style semolina


  • Zeppole – vanilla/ orange/ powdered sugar
  • Liquid Nitrogen Gelato – made to order – traditional flavors 


  • Seafood Crudo Course
  • Fresh Perigord Truffle Courses
  • Chef's choice
  • Hand Selected Wines/Wine List Available 

Dining Room seats include the above menu and open bar. Our bar includes wine and beer.
VIP seats includes the above menu plus extras, front row seating surrounding the kitchen and an open bar. Our bar includes wine and beer.

**We won't be substituting for gluten free (no GF pasta), but we will be accommodating for gluten free!!**



Table of Contents Sunday Supper

January 3rd, 2017 by

Popular Request – The January Sunday Supper is a tribute to the amazing 1990's in Table of Contents Restaurant [TOC] style:

Do you remember the days when Table of Contents in Minneapolis and St Paul were the restaurants where you went for your favorite meal or a special occasion?

Do you remember strolling through the Hungry Mind Bookstore whilst waiting for a table so you could have a regular pizza followed by a grilled pork tenderloin and a Chocolate brule with spicy cherry sauce.

Philip Dorwart, Chef and co-owner of both of those fabled and loved restaurants, will reprise (slightly update?) favorites from those magical 13 years of ever changing menus.

Dining Room seats include a four course meal and two drink tickets for use at our bar. VIP seats include a five course meal, two drink tickets for use at our bar and front row seating surrounding the kitchen. Our bar includes wine, beer and cocktails.

Dinner Menu


  • Regular Pizza – cracker crust/ sweet onion/ fresh basil/ four cheeses
  • Tuna Tartare – cucumber/ quinoa/ curry oil
  • Fried Calamari – Asian dipping sauce


  • Vip – AMUSE / lobster
  • Funky Tomato Salad – watercress / heirloom tomato/ cumin crusted chevre / tamari-balsamic/ chive
  • Seared Maine Diver Scallop – oxtail/ root vegetable risotto/ Reggiano/ snip chips
  • Hoisin Braised Short Rib – potato puree / vegetable/


  • Shrimp Linguine – coconut-lemongrass / toasted peanuts
  • Chocolate Crème Brule – spicy cherry sauce
  • Orange Pound Cake – mascarpone / orange caramel

It'll be spectacular! See you all there!

Legacy Cocktail Competition

November 30th, 2016 by
Last month, Chris Massey, Create's Bar Manager, won a well-earned space at the USBG Legacy Cocktail Competition that was sponsored by Bacardi. He flew to Chicago mid-November to try for the title of champ.

His concoction was called Isla Blanca: an elegant dance of Bacardi Superior, lime juice, spiced pistachio syrup, coconut milk and allspice dram.

Although travel was difficult with a significant delay at the airport he was able to reach his destination in plenty of time to fetch ingredients and spend some time enjoying the scenery with a fellow competitor from Minneapolis.

The competition was held at The California Clipper Lounge located in the Humboldt Park area. Chris and 9 others drew numbers for their order, had and hour and a half to prep which led to a seven minute presentation of their wares. In that seven minutes the candidate had to make 4 cocktails while conversing about their inspiration. Once the stress lifted, all 10 finalists and judges met at Avec for dinner and, what else, cocktails!

The winner of the competition wasn't Chris, but he's still number one in our book! Good job and congratulations!


Food Trip: New Orleans

October 27th, 2016 by

New Orleans

"First thing we're going to do is eat a dozen oysters."

Well, I said that, but the first thing we actually did was check into the hotel, grabbed a martini and a sazerac, walked into a city new to us...the motley city of New Orleans. We immediately felt like we belonged, but had lost our map. The neighborhoods are not structured N-S-E-W. They were arranged to curve with the Mississippi.  So it took awhile to realize what "up river" and "down river" meant along with "in" and "out." Walking the streets was the only way to immerse ourselves; enabling us to peek in shops, snap a photo of porches dressed for  Halloween and stop in for a cocktail or snack.

As chefs we had two objectives: eat what we HAD to eat and drink what we HAD to drink. The originals, the can't-get-anywhere-else's and have-to-haves.  We didn't plan anything but our reservations for dinners and a few lunches. The days were spent meandering and happening upon the locations that bewitched us.

We came across the Napoleon House. This building has stood for nearly two hundred years and it bared it in its walls, floors, paintings and traditions. We had to try a Pimm's Cup. It was perfect for the warm, humid weather... a refreshing, adult Arnie Palmer. We also tried the English Pimm's; a bit more intense, richer and deeper in flavor.

So by now we were ready for those oysters.  Nearly every storefront was a restaurant, nearly every restaurant offered seafood.  It was a toss up where to stop.  So, of course, we stopped many places.  The best oysters we ate were a surprise to us because they were from Alabama, Dauphin Island.  They. Were. Perfect.  Daunting at first, due to their size, we tip-toed on the first slurp.  The we dove.  They were juicy, briny, salty and turgid.  No other offers were taken, we simply ate these the entire time we were there.  Along with the complex delight of eating these oysters was the difference in the presentation and shucking method of the individuals presenting them. By far our favorite was Bourbon House. (Yes, we enjoyed the he## out of the bourbon as well).

and the cracklins... well I'll tell you, I'll start driving right now to get another fresh, hot basket from their kitchen! Two baskets (and a board) later we were rolled into our cab and walked it off into the late night to see some music and the immediate change in atmosphere once the sun went down. New Orleans does not disappoint. Our favorite dinner was a bit out of our walking range-midtown, but worth every minute in the cab! It was Toups' Meatery. The staff was young and fun, the restaurant was just the right size, the meat board was perfection...

Another item making our list was an authentic shrimp po'boy. We grabbed this for breakfast one day (who wants to waste bites on eggs??) do you choose the location? Ask a bartender, one that you've spent some time with. That's exactly what we did and he directed us to a small eatery ew would have bypassed, but we were so glad we didn't! The simplicity of this sandwich leads some to believe it is easily replicated. However, in the depths of NOLA when the humidity is high, the temperature is rising and when there's a lazy Susan of hot sauces at your disposal, I think the chances are slim to none. You just have to be there...



October 11th, 2016 by

So, kids are back at school, Summer came to an end and there's a distinct scent of Fall in the air... why don't we have dinner together and catch up? What is better than a Fall menu with wine pairings and a signature Create cocktail?

Fall Sunday Supper
Duck, Duck, Dessert! with Au Bon Canard

We are hosting another Sunday Supper October 16th at The Dining Studio and we'd love for you to join us! I think we all deserve a night out!
Here's what we have in store:

Hors D'oeuvres

  • Duck Rillettes – Logan’s sauerkraut-sourdough toast / Dijon
  • Duck Confit Stuffed Burger – Bent River Camembert / crisp apple/ brioche bun

Coursed Plated Dinner

  • Peking Style – apricot lacquer / scallion-gochu vinaigrette / pickled vegetables/ foie gras/ pancake
  • Autumn Salad – frisee / apples / cider-mustard vinaigrette / hazelnuts/ Pleasant Ridge Reserve
  • Pot Pie – rich glace / root vegetables / coeur de canard/ foie gras baste/
  • Seared Duck Breast – duck fat fries / sweet and sour cabbage
  • Caramel Apple Cube Cake – pomegranate / walnut brittle2016
+As always we are happy to accommodate any and all dietary choices and restrictions.


Sunday Supper

May 11th, 2016 by
11 May, 2016

So Spring has finally arrived here in Minnesota!  Yes, it's rainy.  Yes, it has been cool, but there is so much to look forward to in the next few weeks here at Create Catering & The Dining Studio!

This Sunday is our Spring Sunday Supper!  We have an all-out Spring theme and menu:

Family Style Dinner


  • Spring Greens – marinated heirloom tomatoes/ cucumber vinaigrette/ shaved sweet onion/ red oak/watercress/ watermelon radish/ goats milk feta (GF/ V)
  • Grilled & Chilled – asparagus & fiddle heads/ fresh lemon/ crispy parsnips/ fresh dill
  • Marinated Vegetables – baby green top carrot/ cauliflower/ white beans/ red wine vinegar/ olive oil


  • Baby Kale Gnudi – sweet peas/ orange zest/ beet emulsion/ Prairie Rose (cheese)/ crispy speck
  • Couscous -- grilled ramps/ lime vinaigrette/ grilled fennel/ apricot/ arugula-pumpkin seed pesto
  • Local & Wild Mushroom Lasagna – caramelized morels/ local oyster mushroom/ house-pulled mozzarella/ fresh pasta/ thyme


  • Roasted & Braised Local Lamb – Buffalo Creek Farms
  • Basil Potato Puree – sweet cream butter
  • Fermented Pepper Jelly/ warm rosemary hummus/ lamb gravy/ Curry Raita
  • Savory Beignets – parmesan/ truffle


  • The Perfect Short Cake – almond cake/ fresh strawberry/ chocolate dipped short bread wand/ whip/ red wine caramel/ salted vanilla sugar cookie

This is going to another spectacular event at Create and it is so fun to be open to the public!

Spring Lamb Sunday Supper

May 1st, 2016 by

Wanna come and see us this weekend? Sunday, May 15th, is our Spring Sunday Supper!

Spring... at last we see your smiling face!

Let's welcome her home with the best Minnesota has to offer in the month of May! An assortment of wine, beer and non-alcoholic beverages will be available and is included in the price of the tickets. This will be a family-style dinner with large plates of sides to share and table-side meat carving.

Family Style Dinner


  • Spring Greens – marinated heirloom tomatoes / cucumber vinaigrette/ shaved sweet onion/ red oak/ watercress/ watermelon radish/ goats milk feta (GF/ V)
  • Grilled & Chilled – asparagus & fiddle heads/ fresh lemon/ crispy parsnips/ fresh dill
  • Marinated Vegetables – baby green top carrot / cauliflower/ white beans/ red wine vinegar/ olive oil


  • Baby Kale Gnudi – sweet peas / orange zest/ beet emulsion/ Prairie Rose cheese/ crispy speck
  • Couscous – grilled ramps / lime vinaigrette/ grilled fennel / apricot/ arugula-pumpkin seed pesto
  • Local & Wild Mushroom Lasagna – caramelized morels / local oyster mushroom / house pulled mozzarella/ fresh pasta/ thyme


  • Roasted & Braised Local Lamb – Buffalo Creek Farms
  • Basil Potato Puree – sweet cream butter
  • Fermented Pepper Jelly – warm rosemary hummus/ lamb gravy / curry raita
  • Savory Beignets – parmesan/ truffle


  • The Perfect Short Cake – almond cake/ fresh strawberry/ chocolate dipped short bread wand/ whip/ red wine caramel/ salted vanilla sugar cookie



May 1st, 2016 by

The Waterbury building is hosting Friday evening, all day Saturday and some events on Sunday.

There will be bands

Friday Evening 6-10 pm

  • The Splendid End
  • Stellar Dendrites
  • Slam Academy

Saturday 12 - 8 pm

  • Slam Academy
  • Parlor Bandits
  • Top Rookie
  • Flavor Crystals
  • Silverteen
  • Hoaxer
  • Chastity Brown
  • Twilight Hours

Beer is sponsored by our friends at Insight Brewing and hosted by yours truly, Create Catering on Saturday. The food truck on sight Saturday is Sasquatch Sandwiches this year, so be ready to eat, drink and be merry!

The Waterbury Building will be open to the public and businesses will be showing local art as well as their wares for your enjoyment!

Come visit us and celebrate a (hopefully) beautiful Spring weekend!

Insight logo

The Norseman

April 26th, 2016 by

Bryan, Sharon, Don, Thelma and Ron Wilner celebrating the opening of The Norseman in 1971

"The Norseman" building in Hawley, MN is slated for destruction tomorrow.

You can never go home again.

When I was 6 months old my parents bought a building in Hawley, MN and called it “The Norseman." My grandparents, Thelma and Don Wilner, helped them to get it up and running. They themselves owned a diner in North Dakota, so the restaurant business was already in my father’s blood.

I ate my first solid food (thank you Perry Burnside), took my first steps, learned to dance with help from the juke box and numerous live bands, fell asleep on the black vinyl booth seats, had multiple birthday parties and met and ate my first snapping turtle (again, thank you Perry Burnside) there. There were so many hiding places that hide-and-go-seek was always an adventure. The huge sand dunes in the back lot were the source of many hours of dangerous afternoon play as were the gargantuan icicles that clung to the side of the building at the back entrance.

When I was 13 we were forced to close because the police made it impossible to continue our business. I was actually grateful, I was finally able to see my parents in a less stressed, more-present state. In high school we had prom dinner in the “back 40” and also a reunion dinner in the basement many years later. Both events initially gave me excitement and ended with disappointment. After 1984 it was never “The Norseman” again. It was the same structure, different furniture and decoration, different food and wrong. It was like revisiting your childhood home after 20 years with a different owner. Things had changed.

I loved the many years of experiences there, the memories that cling in the back of my mind and truly appreciate what I learned from The Norseman. I now own my own restaurant to continue the Wilner tradition. Thankfully, I also own the two carved wooden doors that once proudly stood at the formal entrance of that once-grand castle. Every time I touch the wooden crests that adorn them I’m 5 again and THEN I smile, I am home again.

Photo courtesy Richie Burnside

The Norseman

Spring Sunday Suppers

March 23rd, 2016 by

Planning these Sunday Suppers is so fun, especially when Spring is on the horizon!

Photo by Danielle McFarland

seafood fest


We hatched a plan for the next two and I'm pretty excited to tell you!

For the April 17th Sunday Supper we have decided on all fish and seafood. While looking through what is available to us we just couldn't say no.  There will be 5 courses paired brilliantly with wine by sommelier Leslee Miller from amusee wine!

If you are lucky enough to get VIP tickets, there will also be champagne, 6 courses and treats throughout the night at your front-row seats.

Tickets will go on sale March 31st on Eventbrite!

For May we're taking Spring by the horns (tails?)!  A pig & goat roast (outdoor slow-roasting) with beer paired by Able Seedhouse + Brewery.  We're talking picnic tables, bibs, beer and a (small) bonfire! Everyone is a VIP at this one!

If you can't decide....come to both!


Iron Chef

March 23rd, 2016 by

Philip won!

The reigning #ironmettlechef for the next year!

Corey fought hard with his first course of a chicken-fried scrapple biscuit sandwich, but Philip's dishes won by 25 votes. Now, we will look to next year for the next competition!


Iron Chef Sunday Supper

February 25th, 2016 by

Iron Chef night at Create Catering & The Dining Studio!

Reserve your seat today through Eventbrite link-click here to reserve your seats!

Chef Philip Dorwart will battle Chef Corey Meier for the title of "Studio Iron Chef" and you will be a part of it!

This dinner will be an exciting game show atmosphere with options for a wine/beer pairing for each course. Philip and Corey will not know what the secret ingredients for the main course and neither will you, but you, when you reserve your ticket, get to vote which you think will challenge them the most and what you want to eat! Each course will have two versions for you to try and vote on. The two ingredient choices that have the most votes will be the secret ingredients for the main course. These will be unveiled the evening of the event......

  • Dining Room seats are $45.00 per person for the 4 course meal with wine and beer pairing for an additional $15.00.
  • VIP Tickets are $70.00 per person  seated at the bar (front row for the festivities and 4 courses)!  This includes paired wine or beer for each course.

A credit card will be required to hold your reservation for the evening. You will be reminded via email 4 days prior to the event. Please leave a phone number so Desiree can call you to confirm your reservation and to request credit card information. Your card will not be charged until the end of the event.

No call/no shows will be charged $45.00 per person. Without credit card confirmation, tickets will be sold to another party on waitlist.

Valentine’s Day Sunday Supper

February 15th, 2016 by

Second Sunday Suppers is a HIT! What a night!

Valentine's Day was so fantastic here at The Dining Studio!  We had a full house (we keep it small to keep the service standards high), the food was flawless, the desserts were pure creativity, the flowers were gorgeous and all by bubble candlelight. It was just plain fun!

We enjoyed seeing so many of our friends, family and clients who we haven't seen for awhile. The comments that we received are helping us make the next Pop-Up even better.  Second Sunday Supper in March will be the 13th and we are channeling Iron Chef with Philip Dorwart facing off against Corey Meier. This is going to be game-show-festive with surprise ingredients chosen by the registered guests.   How fun is that?? When you register for tickets a question will pop-up at the end to ask you to choose, from a selection, what ingredients you want them to cook. These will be kept a secret from our staff until the moment Philip and Corey have to use them to CREATE an entree to wow the room. Guests will be able to watch the whole process and try both entrees to vote for the winner.

Tickets will go on sale Thursday, February 25th on Eventbrite. Be prepared to reserve your seat, these will go quickly! I'll post the menu under the Pop-Up Sunday Suppers category on the website next Tuesday.

Sunday Pop-Up Dinner

February 14th, 2016 by

The first of our Sunday Pop-Up Dinners is coming! Valentine's Day is it!

It is going to be fantastic, intimate, communal and the best way to celebrate in town! Imagine it: Easy parking (no valet worries, no meters, no ramps), champagne welcome, passed appetizers, communal seating, no waiting for your table, no rush to give your table to someone else, flowers, candlelight, tour de force 5 course menu with a free drink and cash bar.

ahhhhhhh.... finally a Valentine's Day celebration with a heart!

We are offering 46 seats in our Dining Studio (private restaurant) to our favorite people (you!). Philip and I will be here as well as the rest of our talented crew to create the most effortless holiday of the season.  There will a cash bar delete with fantastic, hand-picked wine, beer and cocktails.

Drum Roll............................................MENU!!!!!!!

Valentine’s Day 2016


  • East Coast Oysters – warm foie gras mignonette
  • Shrimp “Cocktail” – guajillo conserve/ lemon
  • Gruyere Gougeres – Mississippi mushrooms/ melted leeks


  • Red Greens – quince vinaigrette/ hazelnut/ torched fennel/ Pleasant Ridge Reserve
  • Mussels – kao soi broth/ smoked Heritage pork belly/ fried shallot “gremolata”
  • Gnudi – house-made ricotta/ caramelized cauliflower/ truffle/ Reggiano/ orange
  • New York of Prime Beef -- poutine gratin/ citrus fired kale/ red wine glace/ parsnip crisp


  • Chocolate & Strawberry Cube Cake – dried strawberries/ chocolate crunch/ caramel

**Vegetarian diets and dietary restrictions are easily accommodated**
  • The tickets are on sale for $70.00 per person.
  • The Chef's Table is already sold out.

We are very excited about the Sunday Supper Pop-up dinners and plan to do them monthly.

Stay tuned for upcoming dates and information!

Sunday Pop-Up Dinners

January 26th, 2016 by

Valentine’s Day 2016  | The Dining Studio

 The first of our Sunday Pop-Up Dinners is coming!

Valentine's Day is it!  It is going to be fantastic, intimate, communal and the best way to celebrate in town!

Imagine it:  Easy parking (no valet worries, no meters, no ramps), champagne welcome, passed appetizers, communal seating, no waiting for your table, no rush to give your table to someone else, flowers, candlelight, tour de force 5 course menu with a free drink and cash bar........ahhhhhhh....finally a Valentine's Day celebration with a heart!  We are offering 46 seats in our Dining Studio (private restaurant) to our favorite people (you!).  Philip and I will be here as well as the rest of our talented crew to create the most effortless holiday of the season.  There will a cash bar replete with fantastic, hand-picked wine, beer and cocktails.

The tickets are on sale right now on Eventbrite for $70.00 per person.  The Chef's Table is already sold out.

Drum Roll............................................MENU!!!!!!!


  • East Coast Oysters – warm foie gras mignonette
  • Shrimp “Cocktail” – guajillo conserve/ lemon
  • Gruyere Gougeres – Mississippi mushrooms/ melted leeks


  • Red Greens – quince vinaigrette/ hazelnut/ torched fennel/ Pleasant Ridge Reserve
  • Mussels – kao soi broth/ smoked Heritage pork belly/ fried shallot “gremolata”
  • Gnudi – house-made ricotta/ caramelized cauliflower/ truffle/ Reggiano/ orange
  • New York of Prime Beef -- poutine gratin/ citrus fired kale/ red wine glace/ parsnip crisp
  • Chocolate & Strawberry Cube Cake – dried strawberries/ chocolate crunch/ caramel

***Vegetarian diets and dietary restrictions are easily accommodated****

We are very excited about the Sunday Supper Pop-up dinners and plan to do them monthly.  Stay tuned for  upcoming dates and information!

And now, on to the final planning!


January 20th, 2016 by

How great is it to work at Create Catering and see all these fantastic dishes go out to our clients for their wedding tastings? I have to say it is FANTASTIC! These beauties have come from our talented chefs to bring a taste of Summer to our bleak winter palates (I love squash as much as the next person, but....). It is difficult to showcase some items that are bountiful in the Summer while looking at our schedule for January tastings. We freeze and preserve produce from our farm at the peak of their harvest and hold on to them for just these occasions. The flavors are still so fresh and it makes it much easier to imagine your reception and the dining experience you will have.