Dining Studio

The Dining Studio Event Space

The Dining Studio arose from the void in Philip’s life without a restaurant. Create Catering is the best caterer in Minneapolis and we need an event space of our to flex our chops, right? So, we put our heads together and realized we may be able to have our cake and eat it too. If we put a private dining room/ event space out of the way (to lessen the rent), decorate simply with great local art, cook great food, secure a wine and beer license, provide stellar service and have fun, will people come to us?

The answer is a resounding, yes! At The Dining Studio Event Space in NE Minneapolis we offer an unrivaled experience – “dining and cooking as entertainment.”  Where else can you chat with the chefs and watch them cook? At The Dining Studio Event Space you can help plan the entire menu and have a restaurant dining room solely for you and your guests.

The Dining Studio Event Space is unique in that we have multiple configurations of seating for event sizes from 6 to 72 guests for a sit-down and up to 120 for a cocktail party and of course we also offer standard round or rectangle table seating for larger events. If you have a group of 14 or less; we can offer sushi bar style dining around the kitchen, we invite you to interact with the chefs and maybe learn a thing or two!